Which one is better? Young Living vs Doterra


I’ve heard it from enough of the people who sell the stuff, but I wanted to take an unbiased approach myself to find out which essential oil brand is best for me and my family.

I have to admit, when I started researching I didn’t know that there was much of a difference between what you can buy on Amazon vs what you might find from a more established essential oil brand. But after months of research (and trial and error) I found some very surprising information.

There is a lot to consider when choosing your essential oils. Quality. Origin. Ethics. Price.

  1. Quality – You want a company that does regular GC/MS testing and only uses 100% pure essential oils with no chemical or synthetic fillers. Don’t be fooled by fancy buzz words, your essential oils should only have one ingredient; essential oils.
  2. Origin – Make sure the plants for the oils are harvested from their native countries. Factory farmed plants are not the same quality as natura, sustainable farm grown plants.
  3. Ethics – Support family farms and companies that ensure fair business practices.
  4. Price – So many people are turned off on essential oils because of the prices. Most others don’t not knowing the risks of using ‘cheap Amazon oils’ but that can actually be dangerous.

Young living and Doterra are 2 brands that are safe and have stood out to me as the leaders in the industry. You always count on their reps bragging about how ‘pure’ their oils are and how sustainable their organization is, etc.

But does it have to cost so much??

Young Living starter kits begin at about $35-$265 and Doterra is about the same. BUT, To get the wholesale pricing, Doterra requires you to sign up as a member for $35 a year and Young Living requires you to buy a minimum amount of $50 of product every year.

The result is nice people simply shopping for essential oils being conned into a garage full of oils and then having to pressure sale them on to their families and friends. That is not what I wanted for myself. There is nothing fair, ethical or sustainable about that business model.

But that’s the price you have to pay for that level of quality. Right? WRONG!

These multi-level marketing companies have fooled their own hard working sales reps into believing that the extremely high price points are necessary to get a truly quality product. The fact is, it’s just not true. The research proved it.

I am so happy that I didn’t fall for the corporate propaganda that these big companies are putting out, just so they can pad the pockets of every executive that sits on top. Save yourself the stress and heartache.

It turns out, neither Doterra or Young Living will be receiving the crown of Best Essential Oil. No, for me when I look at the big 4 things I mentioned above it is clear that they are overpriced compared to smaller brands with the same quality.

I have found and compared GC/MS test results from smaller brands to see how they compared in quality to Doterra and YL, and the results were shocking. In my search I found Vitality Extracts, whose quality actually exceeded the big brands, as well as the cheap oils I found in drugstores and amazon.

Vitality Extracts offers the same 100% pure GC/MS tested and verified essential oils as Young Living and Doterra, but at a fraction of the price.

The price and value difference is significant and will astonish you, Doterra charges $30.67 for a 15ml bottle of Lavender while Young Living charges $33.22 for the same size. Vitality Extracts meanwhile charges just $19.95 for a 30ml bottle, (twice the size!) of a higher quality lavender oil.

Vitality has the best oils at the best prices, take a look at these shocking comparisons:

Trust me, save your money and get your essential oils from Vitality Extracts today. You will appreciate the honest pricing, with no membership or sign-ups fees. No high pressure sales tactics and no constant commitment for products that you just don’t need.

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