A Few Drops A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Life was supposed to get easier as we age, not harder. Yet, as I entered my 60s, it seemed that either my husband or I (or both of us) was always getting sick—and staying sick for weeks at a time! As you can imagine, life is anything but easy when you’re not feeling well.

I felt like we were wasting our retirement, losing time with family and friends, missing out on important events—spending too much time at the doctor’s office; spending too much money on prescriptions and medications that weren’t working.

Eventually, one of us would feel better, sometimes both, but not for overly long periods of time. Even eating healthy and working out regularly wasn’t enough to protect our bodies from common colds, flu season, germs, bugs, and bacteria. I wasn’t going to give up searching for the right remedy. Finally, a new doctor recommended a new solution—and just in time, before our big annual family vacation.

It wasn’t another prescription or over-the-counter medication. It wasn’t a flu shot (thank God, because my husband has a fear of needles). It wasn’t anything to swallow or inject—but the complete opposite. It was science! Only 5, all-natural plant extract oils that have been around for hundreds of years, each with their own potent, immune-boosting properties.

In fact, in 2017, a study published in a biology journal revealed for the first time how this blend of oils affects the human cells. What the researchers discovered was that this specific plant extract oil blend significantly improves communication between the body’s cells. The result islower inflammation in the body and a more active immune system.

In a moment, I’m going to share this blend with you, just like my doctor shared it with me. First, though, take a look at what the blend is expertly crafted with, and how each pure ingredient works to boost and protect your body’s immune system.

5 Plant Extract Oils That Boost Your Immune System—At Any Age!

Clove has the power to kill nasty germs and fungus. A study in the Annals of Microbiology concludes clove essential oil has anti-carcinogenic activity against a large number of oral pathogens. Clove neutralizes harmful Staphylococcus bacteria (“staph” infections) as well as E. coli (the same bacteria responsible for food poisoning), as well as Candida albicans. The main natural chemical in clove, eugenol, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activities stronger than over-the-counter NSAIDs.

Lemon contains broad-spectrum antiviral activity. That means it protects you against several different kinds of viruses, such as those that cause colds and the flu. Lemon also greatly assists the body’s detoxification processes. An active ingredient in lemon, linalool, has antibacterial properties, especially against a nasty bug called “acinetobacter,” which can cause serious infections and antibiotic resistance.

Cinnamon boosts your respiratory system and protects you against unfriendly bacteria in your body. A compound in cinnamon called “cinnamic aldehyde” is the active ingredient that kills several harmful types of fungi, including Aspergillus niger, aka “black mold.” And in studies using cell lines, cinnamon has been shown to suppress the growth of tumors.

Eucalyptus has been used for centuries to help people breathe easier. A particular species of it, eucalyptus globulus, has been shown in research studies to help inhibit several types of bacteria that can make you very sick, such as H. influenzae and S. pneumoniae.

Rosemary improves your immune system as it reduces muscle pain and the inflammation response. It also breaks up mucus throughout the body. Laboratory studies reveal the antioxidants in rosemary neutralize free radical damage.

My doctor explained it to me pretty easily: Every 5,000 miles or so, we take our car into the mechanic to keep things running smoothly. These 5 plant extract oils are like the tune-up your immune system needs (but never receives).

Immunity: The Easiest Way To Protect You And Your Family

Now, it is possible to purchase each of these plant extract oils separately, test out different amounts and portions, and try to create your own blend—if you have the time, patience, and money. But with driving my grandkids to school, volunteering at church and trying to stay active at the YMCA, I have no time to mind my own apothecary. Besides, I don’t have the expertise and buying all 5 oils in large, individual patches is very expensive.

Luckily, my doctor pointed me in the right direction, the better direction, where a perfectly crafted blend is available for pennies on the dollar and will save you, Lord knows, how much money and time!

It’s a blend with a straightforward name: Immunity.

You may be able to find a product with essential oils in your local drug store, but you’re not going to find anything that’s close to the purity (100%) and effectiveness of Immunity (believe me, I looked . . . and looked and looked).

I’ve been using Immunity for a couple of years now. I not only diffuse it in my home and our RV before vacation time, but I also add some drops of it to my nightly bath. I even use it diluted with water as a disinfectant in the kitchen and bathroom (all over the house, really).

I’m delighted to say that my husband and myself aren’t the only ones in my family who have stayed healthy this entire year, despite all of the nasty and contagious illnesses festering around. Immunity has even kept my grandkids from missing school, though lots of their friends have had to stay home because of colds or the vicious flu.

Immunity has not only kept my family and me healthy, but it’s also given me peace of mind. I no longer worry about what life will be like if my husband or I get really sick. Now that I know how to “tune up” my immune system, life has finally gotten easier!

How To Get The Immunity Blend 70% OFF!

Immunity is only sold directly through their website. When I ordered Immunity the first time, I was skeptical. Therefore, I only ordered one bottle. Obviously, I couldn’t tell right away if my immune system was stronger. Yet, my husband and I loved the scent of the oils; and we just didn’t get sick while using it.

When we were almost out of Immunity, I went back to the website to reorder – it’s the only way you can get your hands on Immunity – and I was shocked to see that supplies were very low.

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